CEfx Mounting Options

CEfx modules are designed to mount directly into most standard solderless breadboards. However there are other mounting options if you want a more permanent (soldered) design, or if you want to use a CEfx module in a Eurorack modular synth rack.

Breadboard Power Strips

If you want a quick and easy way to mount your CEfx modules and you do not intend to do any circuit breadboarding, breadboard bus strips (such as BKGS-100-ND or BKGS-060-ND) can be used to connect and mount CEfx modules without a full breadboard. You can make a more permanent installation by replacing the bus strips with lengths of stripboard soldered into place.


If you plan to mount CEfx modules on standard 0.1 inch stripboard or perfboard, review the CEfx Power Options page and note the modifications required to properly align the CEfx power headers.

Standoffs/Companion Boards

Each CEfx module has two divots on the left edge and two more on the right. These allow the module to be mounted to a base on standoffs or to support parallel-mounted companion boards. On each side, the mounting holes are 1.0" from the bottom, 1.0" from the top, and 1.9" from each other. Between the two sides, the mounting holes are a multiple of 0.6 inches depending on the modules (all CEfx modules are multiples of this width which we refer to as a "cycle"). For example, the CEfx power module is two cycles wide, so the mounting holes are spaced 1.2" apart.


By making your own faceplate and appropriate standoffs, a CEfx module can be mounted in a standard Eurorack modular system. See also our CEfx Eurorack Power adapter for an easy way to power the CEfx module in the Eurorack system.